The Society of Facility Engineers (SOFES) is a Michigan association established in 2010 as an advocate for the advancement of persons with self-taught skills in-home or commercial building maintenance that seeks to have self-taught skills certified.


Professionals in the building operations and maintenance industry have looked upon workers with self-taught skills as uneducated workers.  Perhaps, it’s because no national organization before the Society of Facility engineers stepped forward to advocate for workers with self-taught skills.


Before COVID-19 most owners and managers had required skilled workers to possess credentials from intuitions sanctioned by certain government jurisdictions.  Prior to the virus, there was a serious worker shortage in skilled trade building operators and maintenance workers which were becoming worse due to a number of reasons, including government skilled trade licensing requirements being out of touch with industry and college and university curriculums often too long and inflexible.


Throughout the world, especially in the US, this mundane approach has placed employment barriers between those of fewer means and the jobs that pay a wage adequate for a family to live above poverty.  Believe or not this attitude is changing. Owners and managers of organizations in need of workers for day to day maintenance are finding that online credentials such as issued by the Society of Facility Engineers are acceptable.