The Society of Facility Engineers (SOFES) originating in the state of Michigan in 2010 is an advocate for all persons with self-learned knowledge and those trained in general maintenance that need creditable credentials for their knowledge and skills.   


We are on a mission to ensure that all building operators and maintenance workers in residential buildings of multiple units, and industrial, commercial, government facilities are qualified and certified under common standards to keep facilities safe, secure, and comfortable.


The building operators and maintenance industry prior to SOFES has viewed workers with self-learned skills as unqualified due to a lack of a creditable credential.  Perhaps, it’s because most cities, counties, states, and federal government departments that issue credentials to these workers have only accepted their own credentials before the Society of Facility Engineers stepped forward to advocate international recognition.


We are proud to be one of the first professional associations to advocate international recognition of a facility engineer technician certification earned through self-learned and trained methods.  This means that those who have dedicated a significant part of their lives making repairs in residential buildings of multiple units, and industrial, commercial, government facilities without a creditable credential to verify their skill set can do so as a SOFES member.


SOFES and its members are enthused that the US Department of Defense (DoD) has included facilities engineering as a career field, and as part of the Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics workforce. The DoD’s facility engineer field like that of SOFES’ certified Facility Engineer Technicians is not limited to indoor environments. The DoD facility engineer field encompasses real estate, ranges, and the management of linear structures such as roadways, fences, and pipelines.


In today’s new norm created by the COVID-19 pandemic building operators and maintenance, workers must not only have on-the-job hands-on training they must also have creditable credentials. A SOFES credential serves to attest that they have or are receiving instructions from a recognized certified service provider and are able to operate and maintain buildings having a mixture of old and new building systems and equipment.