The Society of Facility Engineers (SOFES) is an association and advocate for people seeking skill trade certifications for self taught building operators and maintenance workers. The facility operations support services that include (1) H-Boiler Plant Inspections, (2) Facility Operation Assessments, (3) Facility Operator Training, and (4) Special are serviced by D’Angus Technology. D’Angus Technology also carries its mission to provide the US Departments of Veterans Affairs and other US Federal Departments and agencies with a facility support service that ensures safety of life, limb and property.

As an association and advocate for building operators and maintenance workers we issue and skilled trade certifications to people eligible through self-educated taught, on-the-job, work experienceAnd, also to those who are graduates of building operations/maintenance programs offered by a vocational institution, college or university, and to those who serve and have served in the US Armed Forces.   

The concept of advocating for these self-taught professional, often unrecognized, stems from the founder’s long public career beginning as a US combat engineer who took part in Operation White State and the Berlin Crisis. Both conflicts long forgotten yet left many veterans disabled and unprepared to compete for civilian jobs that they were unskilled to fill.  In remembrance of these unsung veterans we partner with people who wish to make a difference by unselfishly reaching out to veterans and civilians in need of creditable credentials to substantiate building operation and maintenance skills. As these forgotten veterans placed their lives in jeopardy for us trained and certified building operators and maintenance workers assure that buildings are safe, secure and comfortable.   Helping others through social economic