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Abolish a self-defeating mentality:


If a custodial engineer (Janitor) can make $235,812, plus $36,652 in benefits a year why not you as a SOFES certified facility engineer technician?


To become a certified facility engineer technician, you don’t need to go to college or a vocational school. Going to a good school to get a job in a traditionally lucrative field isn’t the only way to make good money. Just because you couldn’t get into a college or university doesn’t mean your life is over.


Too many people tell themselves they don’t have the knowledge, skills, connections, or background to be prosperous. Some just flat out quit because they believe their race, gender, or sexual orientation puts them at a disadvantage.


You don’t need to be a certain race or sex either. All you’ve got to do is be willing to allow SOFES to certify your self-learned skills and to be placed on its partners’ job-creating lists. In other words, practically everybody with self-learned skills in-home or commercial repairs can become a certified facility engineer technician, unless you don’t like work.


If you want to prosper in this new COVID-19 pandemic world, you must abolish a self-defeating mentality. Life has just gotten tougher and massive unemployment is sprouting up all over here and abroad.  Now is the time to use your self-learned skills to assure you of success.

Taking Advantage of self-learned talent

Use your time to take advantage of your self-developed skills now. 


Don’t use this valuable time to convince those who walked away from you.


It’s OK to splurge a little, but before you do spend a little money on your security. 


Use your self-learned skills to get your SOFES facility engineer technician certification.


Don’t let others build a wall between you and your chance to turn your life around.




Wouldn’t it be nice to have a paycheck?


With the COVID-19 vaccine being administered job fairs may spring up again. 


Do you want to again stand in long lines only to receive a job application or told to try the Internet?


Of course, if you do nothing you and your family may end up homeless and with nothing.


The road to your success depends on your self-taught skills and the opportunities before you. 


Get your SOFES facility engineer technician certification and it can lead you to a prosperous life.

Those who don’t take advantage of self-learned skills can join thousands of others.


Time has been running out for job seekers before the COVID-19 pandemic.


With the thousands of businesses closing around the globe self-learned skills may be the difference between a good-paying job and a handout.


Get your SOFES Certification


Thousands of job seekers are searching for an opportunity to land a good-paying job.


If you hesitate you may be a step or two behind them.


Worker Shortage

Trillions of dollars will be allocated to finding and training people to fill jobs across the globe. The US alone is expected to appropriate trillions of dollars to assist companies in rebounding from COVID-19.  The US Congress prior to COVID-19 was expected to appropriate at least $1.5 trillion spending for infrastructure construction, fueled with government spending including public private partnerships to address America’s skilled labor shortage. According to the Department of Labor, the US economy prior to COVID-19 had 7.6 million unfilled jobs, with 6.5 million people looking for work as of January 2019.

There is no better time than the present to use hands-on skills and general knowledge to obtain a SOFES facility engineer technician certification. Take advantage of your knowledge and working hours in building operations and maintenance.  

Be prepared!  Don’t wait for the jobs to open. 

If you don’t have a minimum of 500 working hours of experience making repairs in homes or commercial buildings check-out the Vocational Institute of Michigan facility engineering technician internship.

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