Training & Development

Building operators and maintenance workers can't rest solely upon past training and work experiences; They must take part in a  continuous education program to add and improve trade skills.  The safety of building occupants and the upkeep of the building is at stake.

It vital that they increase their value to the organization and to enhance their future career prospects.


Offered by Registered Education Providers (R.E.P.s)

SOFES R.E.P.s are organizations that we have approved to offer training in building operations and maintenance and issue professional development units (BMUs). To earn the R.E.P. designation, a provider must meet or exceed rigorous standards for quality and effectiveness as defined by SOFES

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Become an R.E.P.


Develop your project management skills in an interactive group setting along with valuable networking opportunities.

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Looking for a diploma program?

Find accredited building operations and maintenance and related diploma programs at the Vocational Institute of Michigan institution.