SOFES Certification

SOFES facility engineer technician certifications are creditable unique credentials issued by the Society of Facility Engineers to persons with working hours in building operations and building maintenance.  Each certification may be affixed with one or more skilled trade endorsements.  Skilled trade endorsements are special trades, i.e., electrical, plumbing, carpentry, etc. that enable employers to more expediently and effectively fill job openings with workers with most skills.

SOFES certifications, global credentials, are not mandatory or restricted to any one location as are most jurisdiction licenses.  With these credentials workers are able to use knowledge and working hours earned in building operations and maintenance in any business worldwide.

The integrity and prestige of SOFES certifications are maintained due to holders required to keep in good standing by continually updated trade skills. Online training offered by the Vocational Institute of Michigan and on the job learning programs is made available.

Companies that have taken advantage of SOFES facility engineer technicians are more positioned to take part in the building of America’s infrastructure.  Where fewer building maintenance workers are retained for the upkeep in today’s buildings, better trained and certified building maintenance workers are vitally needed.

Who Should Apply?

If you have knowledge and experience in building maintenance and you’d like to verify your skills, then SOFES is an excellent choice for you.

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