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Creditable credentials decrease educational burdens on building operators and maintenance workers with a desire to improve their self-worth.  Having  reliable credentials enable employers the opportunity to expediently and effectively fill job openings. This option is vitally needed with the ever increasing list of applicants, especially in the United States.  

Giving the continued increase in job applicants and the rapidly decrease in jobs especially for those without a degree, self-taught skills, verified through creditable credentials with accelerated training programs, is more needed today than ever before.

Today certifications are increasingly becoming more global with virtual and on-the-job learning being key to the employment of facility operators and maintenance workers, facility resources, and ultimately facility upkeep.  SOFES in recognizing the need for creditable certifications, verified through knowledge and skills, advocate on behalf of building operators and maintenance workers.

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If you have knowledge and experience in building operations and maintenance and you’d like to verify your skills, then SOFES is an excellent choice for you.

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