Facility Engineer Technician Certifications


SOFES facility engineer technician certifications are creditable unique credentials issued by the Society of Facility Engineers to persons with working hours in building operations and building maintenance.  Each certification may be affixed with one or more skilled trade endorsements.  Skilled trade endorsements are special trades, i.e., electrical, plumbing, carpentry, etc. that enable employers to more expediently and effectively fill job openings. SOFES certifications, not mandatory or restricted to any location, makes them more transferable across a larger geographic territory than jurisdiction licenses.  

Facility Engineer Technician Certification

  • Age
  • Substantiation of Experience
  • Examination
  • Issuance
  • Renewal, Suspension and Revocation

Age: Applicants for all Society of Facility Engineer Technician certifications shall have attained a minimum of sixteen (16)* years of age.  

Substantiation of Experience: SOFES shall have the authority to require substantiation of experience by means of affidavits from present or previous employers or by other acceptable documentary evidence.      

Application: An Application for certification shall be made online at SOFES website.  Documentary evidence of experience, where required, shall be submitted at the time of application for certification.

Examination Required: An online certification examination of SOFES is available after payment of the examination fees. No certification shall be issued to an applicant until he or she has obtained at least a score of 70% on the examination.  Applicants failing this examination shall wait at least ninety (30) days before again applying for the examination.

SOFES shall have the authority in specific cases to make such modification of the waiting periods between examinations as will not be contrary to the public interest and so that the spirit of this certifying agency shall be observed.

Examination Content: Examinations shall cover, as applicable, facility operations, facility maintenance, facility inspections and general knowledge.

Issuance and Expiration of Certification: An applicant who has passed the required examinations shall be issued the appropriate certification upon payment of a fee.  The certifications shall expire one year from the date of issue and, unless renewed within sixty (60) days thereafter, shall be void.

Renewal, Suspension and Revocation: A certification issued by SOFES may be suspended or revoked by SOFES. The causes for which a certification may be suspended or revoked shall be fraudulent application, intemperance, incompetency, neglect of duty, or failure to keep apparatus in safe working order. The holder is given at 30-day's notice in writing that his or her certification will be suspended or revoked and the reason or reasons therefore. The holder must submit a letter to SOFES showing a good cause reason(s) not to suspend or revoke the certification.  Pending Holder’s letter SOFES may forthwith suspend such certification.

Appeal letter Fee ........................................................................ 60.00

Skill Trade Endorsement

SOFES skill trade endorsements are important in building credibility. Holders should expect greater confidence from federal, state, provincial or local government agencies and employers, in addition to fostering greater trust between fellow workers. These credentials provide portable proof of the holders’ abilities, and helps federal, state, provincial or local government licensing agencies and employers advance their interests in safety, throughout the industry.

SOFES skill trade endorsements may be affixed to any building technician certification. The holder of a certification may have up to six skilled trade endorsements affixed to his or her SOFES certificate. The holder must have at least 500 hours of work experience in the each endorsed skill trade, e.g., electrical, plumbing, etc. before awarded and affixed skilled trade endorsement.

Example: A building technician at level I to VII with 500 or more working hours of experience in boiler operation and hazmat may have an endorsement for boiler operation and one for hazmat.